Vintage Sewing Pattern Fashion Trim Detail

Sewing for me has always been about the details–distinctive, one of a kind details that make the garment uniquely mine.

That’s what I love about sewing vintage, especially the 40s and 50s..These details are not simple, but boy they can transform a piece from simple to spectacular.

Here’s some examples of spectacularly beautiful vintage sewing detail. These examples range from buttonholes or bias binding, tabs, collars and pockets.

Take a look at these and examples and tell what fashion sewing detail you’d like to master?

vintage sewing pattern detail pockets

1950s Bound Asymmetrical Pockets with Covered Buttons

Bound buttonholes are challenging — but what do you think about these pockets, is this a sewing technique you want to master?

50s sewing pattern vintage

Vintage 50s Sewing Pattern Neckline Variations

How about these necklines–which one do you like the best?

Here are some other examples of sewing patterns from the 1950’s with dramatic show-stopping accents.

Now let’s look at the 1940s–in my opinion some of these accents are not difficult to master but other’s given that vintage patterns were not marked with any detail, you really had to know how to sew. Not only did you have to use the machine proficiently your hand sewing skills had to be pretty good because some of these accents are difficult even with the technology of today. Here’s where your vintage sewing books would come in handy and I have a collection spanning from the 20’s through the 1970’s.

Now lets a visual journey through the high-end sewing patterns of the 40’s and please tell me what technique would you like to master?

In closing tonight’s post, I want you to know that running my vintage pattern store is time consuming and it leaves me very little time for sewing–but I do have some great projects already cut and ready–stay tuned because I really need to take the time to finish these pieces. Remember browse and let me know what trim details you crave to master.

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