Secret Gift – Free Vintage Pattern Book Give-Away

Happy holiday, I’m was working tonight and thought that we should have a little fun..

For those Vintage Minerva, James Lees and Son, Columbia and Columbia Minerva aficionados, here’s 3 images from a 1930’s Minerva Men’s Book or Leaflet.

The first three people that can name the book, year and publisher wins a PDF eBook of any Minerva Book in my collection.

I have a list already and you can choose any one book from my Minerva collection as a PDF eBook

The contest ends 11:59 p.m. New Year’s Eve., the first three people from either the our blog or Facebook Page will be asked to send me your email with 48 hours of the contest end.

Don’t forget to checkout the Twelve Days of Christmas Pattern Extravaganza, tomorrow is day 3 and don’t forget to click the images to get to the vintage patterns.

2 thoughts on “Secret Gift – Free Vintage Pattern Book Give-Away

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