Introducing the Ninth through Twelveth Days of Christmas Free Vintage Pattern Share

First let me say, that I really need to get better at this Blog writing thing–because this is a post that should have been finished before the end of the year.

Please accept my apology for the delay, I do feel that you deserve an explanation even though I posted the last series of the Twelve Days of Christmas pattern book share on the Facebook page. Honestly it has to do with the joys and family commitments of the holidays.  I truly love that time of the year but I must admit that by the time it’s over I am truly drained.

Now during this time I was working on a Tutu for my granddaughter, and 18 Doll outfits, nine for each girl. Why I didn’t take more pictures rushing to get things in the mail, etc..

But here’s the tutu and one of my favorite doll outfits..


Tutu for Brooklyn

Dora Outfit Christmas 2013I realize what’s on my small business to do list especially since vintage patterns and sewing a very competitive online sector. The schedule you should begin to see is a weekly blog, in this New Year I’m going to e-commit to keeping to that schedule.

The Ninth Day of Christmas – 1960’s Myart Crochet and Knit Bags

Vintage 60’s Crocheted and Knitted Bags Hats


The Tenth Day of Christmas Free Pattern Share – The Loveliest Look in Knitwear | Book 10 Unger

Free Sexy Sixties Featuring Classy Knitted Suits Coats and Dress Patterns


The Eleventh Day of Christmas is Finally Here — Enjoy the Hats Mitten and Scarf Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns Galore Ponchos Capes Vest Pullovers and More | Wearable Accessories | Spinnerin 1970’s


Finally, the 12th Day of Christmas with Vintage Beading Patterns

Vintage 1900’s Bead Work Pattern Book


Finally this post would not be complete unless I added the mystery pattern book give-a-way. The Publisher was Minerva

The title Minerva Men’s Neck Ties Book 33 A

Happy New Year to you and all and thank you for following my blog.


7 thoughts on “Introducing the Ninth through Twelveth Days of Christmas Free Vintage Pattern Share

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  2. First, your granddaughter is beautiful, and that tutu is darling! I know what you mean about being overwhelmed by the holidays, though. I love making gifts, but the deadline always has me working so frantically, and then I just want to collapse and relax.

    • Susan, I love holidays, but I noticed something this year–that I don’t think I took notice of before. As New Year’s day rolled in–everything seemed to end so quickly — there was a quite a stillness that wasn’t there before or maybe I just wasn’t listening to it. Which tells me that I need to savor the smiles, hugs, laughter and joy–My job is too keep the traditions alive and pass on the knowledge and let my son’s and their wives and my daughter’s and their husbands take the reins, and I gently nurture the future.

      Thank you for the complements–she is a doll inside and out.

      Wishing you a New Year filled with peace and grace..


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