Getting Ready for Summer | Are You Wearing Vintage?

After seeing a post on the Vintage Belle blog the other day and sharing that update and her inspiration–I decided that it was time for my pictures and time to share what I’ve been up to.

In the sewing realm I’ve completed in part several pieces that now need finishing touches.

Let’s start with this primitive over-blouse with the Hon Kong back finish and the vintage buttons I picked up a few years back when I bought out an old dry-goods store. The fabric was purchased back 2005 from a trip to South Africa. I lined the blouse with the same fabric as the back finish otherwise it would be uncomfortable to wear.

I’m not sure why I didn’t photograph the inside.

I think this is a great professional look.  I love the idea of an African designs made into classic business wear, this will look great over my black slack or straight shirts.

Burlap Over-Blouse Hon Kong Finish

Burlap Over-Blouse Hon Kong Finish


Next is a party dress for one of my granddaughter’s, it’s red with an ivory tucked sash that tie’s in a big bow in the back. I lined the dress with a full petticoat and under-slip. I still have to finish the lining, petticoat and under-slip. When completed it will have a lace trimmed neckline and her initials embroidered in the petticoat.

Red Party Dress

Red Party Dress


The next two dresses are ankle length. These ankle length dresses are on the rag here in the US but I found the commercial pieces were always made in some synthetic that was just too hot for summer. The fabric is vintage and they feel like a cotton blend or maybe even rayon. Here’s my solution. Each dress is ready to be hemmed and the last pressing.

Flower Length Big flower Dress

Flower Length Big flower Dress

Ankle Length Print

Ankle Length Print

What’s next on the sewing board is 7361 Simplicity–

First I am looking for either a paisley or lengthwise strip for this Pant Dress — I’m thinking about this fabric I found at Spoonflower I just can’t decide on which color–or if I want to compromise on the strip width. I do know that I want to ear this one to my granddaughter’s graduation. I have the perfect sandal.

Now I would love to have a bold strip or paisley like on the envelope but–I’m not sure if I can find it–your suggestions or idea would be appreciated

waterfall stripes in ocean blue
waterfall stripes in raspberry ice
waterfall stripes - mother of pearl

While I’m deciding on fabric for that pattern, I have decided what I want to sew with these vintage fabrics from my fabric stash.

Take a lot at the rest of my summer wardrobe.

Fabric from Haberman's Royal Oak, Mi

Fabric from Haberman’s Royal Oak, Mi

vintage jungle print

Vintage Jungle Print Fabric purchased at a flea market

Vintage Orange Swirl Print

Vintage Orange Swirl Print purchased on eBay


Vintage Red Fabric Purchased on eBay

Vintage Red Fabric Purchased on eBay

The question is will I finish all of these yes because my oldest granddaughter graduates from high school–her prom is the end of May and her graduation is the first week in June.

Today is May 1st–I better get to sewing.

Do you think I have a lot to sew watch for my next post mapping out my crochet project to be completed.

Here’s a couple new Free knitting patterns. Enjoy!

Knitting Pattern Ladies Jumper Suit | Free Vintage Frock

Vintage Crochet Knitting Patterns 70’s Halter | Free Sexy Halter Top Patterns to Knit or Crochet for the Summer

Are Hot Pants Stylish? | Crochet or Knit Your Favorite Hot Pants Styles with these free patterns

Free Vintage Crochet Pattern | Hiawatha Beaded Evening Bag | Patrician



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