Irish Lace Crochet Patterns and Resources

A Bit About Irish Crochet Lace

What’s incredible about crochet’s ability to be manipulated into incredible laces using the same basic stitches organized in various combinations to make remarkable lace work.

My favorites are the crochet techniques called Irish and Hair Pin or Maltese Crochet. It is my understanding that Irish Crochet helped to save Ireland after the potato famine and was created by Mademoiselle Riego de la Blanchardiere who invented the now famous style. Her first book was published in 1846, a cottage industry of teaching the technique was born in Ireland.

Irish Crochet consists several distinct groups of Crochet techniques which features motifs joined by either filigree mesh or crocheted bars. Stylized motifs of flowers, leaves, shamrocks, and grapevines are arrayed in splendor.

For the crochet artist this free-form technique lends itself well to the creative free sprite or the one that loves a challenge.

Other distinctions include cord padding often incorporated into the motif and by carefully adjusting the tightness and the amount of stitches, the stems, leaves and flowers can be artfully manipulated to add motion to the pieces.

The mesh pattern is meant merely as a foundation and much is left to the imagination as in these examples from my Pinterest favorites.

Enjoy one of my favorites Irish Crochet websites:

If you enjoy working with symbols collecting the Russian and Japanese pattern books offer some modern examples of just how versatile the Irish Crochet laces truly are.

I’m going to share with you some patterns from my Russian and Japanese pattern books.

This is a beautiful White Irish Crochet Jacket with the motifs laid out over a Jacket pattern with loop and button front closure.

Irish Crochet Motif Patterns 1

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page One

Irish Crochet Motif Patterns 02

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page Two

Irish Crochet leaf Motif 3

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page Three

Irish Crochet Rosette Motif Pattern 4

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page Four

Irish Crochet Mesh Connection Mesh 5

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page Five

Connecting Motifs Irish Crochet

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page Six

Irish Crochet Motif Chart 7

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page Seven

Motif Charts Irish crochet 8

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Eight

I realize that you might think that this Irish Crocheted Jacket is a huge project–but remember that Irish crochet is simply many pieces sewn or crocheted together to make a larger piece.

The next beautiful example is edging on a blouse made using both Burgess and Irish Crochet techniques.

Edging Motif Irish Crochet

Irish Crochet Edging

Irish Crochet Blouse Edging Pattern 2

Irish Crochet Blouse Edging 2

Irish Crochet Edging Motifs Symbols 3

Irish Crochet Edging 3

Here’s an example of a modern Irish Crochet interpretation Bluebells by Pam Beeching.

Bluebells by Pam Beeching, Irish crochet ... via Flickr

Her’s some other Russian Irish Crochet Motif examples.

爱尔兰花边图纸空心卷发 - 钩织乐趣 - 钩织乐趣的博客


Мотивы ирландского кружева (фантазийные мотивы). Много фото

Here’s a few other Irish Crochet pattern s for your crocheting pleasure.

Vintage Irish Crochet Top | Make Your Own

Irish Crochet Lace – A Guide for Beginners

Corticelli Lessons in Crochet




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