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Vintage After Dark Dress

Vintage After Dark Dress Reynolds 1970’s Maxi Length Crocheted Dress Pattern Directions for size 10. changes for sizes 12, 14, and 16 in parentheses. Blocked Bust: 32.5 to 39″ Taffeta lining Zipper for back opening Steel Crochet Hook ‘0’   … Continue reading

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The Art of Vintage Tatting | Free Tatting Patterns and Inspiration

What Is The Number One Tatting Question

The number one question asked by Tatters?

Do you know the answer?

They are looking for patterns beyond the traditional doily and edgings.

Thanks to Globalization we American’s now have access to pattern inspiration from all over the world.

The Art of Tatting, that’s based on one easy to do stitch. When you master that stitch, you will have mastered the art. Manipulating that one stitch takes a bit more practice however!

Take care to follow closely the directions for dropping the fingers and stretching the thread and–in a short amount of time, you’ll be creating with ease laces of beauty.

Delicate tatting has an air of elegance! From lovely edgings and other home furnishing pieces, to heirloom wearable that add sophistication to any outfit.

Do you Tat with a shuttle & hook or do you use a tatting needle? did you know that you can Tat without a shuttle?

I’ve tried both methods and the difference is like crocheting with yarn or fine thread, needle tatting and shuttle tatting are different.

But the finished project delivers the same results–my preference is needle tatting, Two totally different technique achieving the same results.

Remember there are challenges with both, there are special “needles” for needle tatting. The size of needle you use depends on the size of the thread you are using just as in crochet or knitting.

Use the diameter of needle that is as close to the thickness of the thread you are using.

So that when you make the stitches on the needle and then push them off the needle onto the thread, the stitches are not loose at all – they are the right size for the diameter of the thread.

I know people who have tried with poor results, do not use a regular sewing needle to tat – it must be a special “tatting needle”.

The eye of the needle is no bigger than the shaft of the needle, so that you can slide the stitches over it and onto the base thread.

Here’s an example of Needle Tatting

You can find the instructions here:

Now here’s the same bracelet using Shuttle Tatting method

Absolute Beginner Tatting Series can be found here:

The instructions are here:

One other note,  while the stitches are the same the instruction between the two may read differently as shown in the examples above, experienced tatters can usually use either.

Here are some excellent instructional and Free pattern websites.

Allison’s Tatted Lace is a great little site with resources and free patterns.

Be-Stitched is another website you might find useful.

The Instructables Website has downloadable tutorials you might find useful.

Here’s a link to a 13 page PDF of Tatting Books to help build your Tatting library.

Priscilla Tatting Book – PDF – there are three in the Priscilla series.

Here’s a few example of Tatted wearable’s:

Here’s tatted slipper examples and can be found here:

Rene Caovilla Lace Halter Slingback - Neiman Marcus

What do you think about this tatted insert?

tatting - I want to make it!

Here’s a pattern for Vintage Tatted Gloves pattern.

Tatted gloves patterntattingTatted bag

Here is an example of a tatted blouse.

Tatting blouseTeiko Fujito

This tatted piece is on sale on ETSY you can find it here:


Here’s another beautiful example:

bootyUnfortunately, tatting is a dying art - but I'm here to show you that it still has a place in modern crafts. Tatting is traditionally used to...Tatted fan /  Frywolitkowy wachlarz

Here’s a tatted cardigan made using thicker thread–well done. you don’t have to use finer weight threads when designing wearables.

Tatted Lace Collar Shrug Shawl Very Delicate by auntcarriesattic, $160.00  ---  Wow...Scarlet red silk summer suit, jacket,  with hand tatted lace shoulder part - high fashion -haute couture.

Do you like this tatted hats. slippers?

Women's knitted hat frivolite by HandmadeShoping on Etsy, $100.00Summer hat tatting ...... How beautifully common tatting patterns have been assembled to create this hat !tatted fingerless gloves

Black Needle Tatted Top Hat Fascinatorsandals crochet - sandalias crochetEdging or Insertion with pattern .

What about this tatted jewelry Box?

Tatting box jewelry gift for Her Home decor por ShopGift en EtsyBouquet of Flowers  with free tatting patterns to download (pdf format) ....... *a*

Here’s another tatted piece using a heavier weight of yarn instead of thread.

Forest Floor Needle Tatted Lace Soy Wool Shawl by tattingforspirit, $140.00Tatting ideas

Here’s an example of free-form tatting using the similar joining techniques used in Irish Crochet.

Amazing Free-form Tatting

When think about tatted clothes you are limited only by your imagination, look at this piece, tatted motifs, joining stitched and edging.

Handmade Tatting Lace Shawl / Scarf (400). $85.00, via Etsy.

Here’s an accent to trim an existing outfit–I really like this idea.

what to do with a tatted heart

Free Vintage Tatting Patterns

Here’s a few Free vintage tatting patterns that I’d like to share to get you started.

Free Vintage Richardson’s Tatting Book Number 7

vuintage tatting pa

Richardson Vintage Tatting Pattern Book Number 7

Tatting a Fascinating Book of Delicate Designs | 207 Spool Cotton 1944 Vintage Tatting Pattern Book

vintage tatting book

Tatting Patterns Spool Cotton Book 207

 Digital PDF eBook Patterns on Sale in my ETSY store ready for instant download:

Vintage Tatting Patterns Motifs Insertions | Luncheon Refreshment Sets Mats Tatted Jewelry Set | Towel Linen Delicate Collars Cuffs Edges

Vintage Tatting Patterns Motifs Insertions | Luncheon Refreshment Sets Mats Tatted Jewelry Set | Towel Linen Delicate Collars Cuffs Edges

Vintage Tatting Patterns Edges Collars Cuffs Chair Sets Medallions Insertions New Things Happen to Tatting | Spool Cotton Company Book 159

Vintage Tatting Patterns Edges Collars Cuffs Chair Sets Medallions Insertions New Things Happen to Tatting | Spool Cotton Company Book 159


Free Vintage Hat Patterns Over the Top Toppers Fascinator’s and Head Pieces


Hello everyone, do you like hats? I love hats and wear them almost all the time. This week I want to share some of my favorites from my collection and FROM around the web especially Pinterest. Do you like Over-the-Top Hats? Remember my definition of over the top may not be the same as yours!! Here are some of favorite over the top topper and I’d where each and ever one.

Donna Vinci Couture Church Hat H1341.Cher for Vanity Fair, 1986 by Annie LeibovitzFollow ME!!!PearlsGreen Pamela Sinamay Hat



Would you dare wear any of these hats?

Google Image Result for detail for -Couture Hats, Hats, Phillip Treacy, Phillip Treacy HatsDonna Vinci Couture Church Hat....Donna Vinci Couture HatsImage detail for -donna vinci couture church hat h2046 beautiful designer hat by

How about one of these stunning modern vintage reproductions.

1920s clochecloche1920s Hat Flapper  Black  Silver Metallic Cloche by ludascrafts1920's vintage flapper hatChurch HatA Hat about Hats, what more could you ask for

Let us not forget hats for the Royals around the world–I must say church hats and hats for the royals have kept the tradition alive.

Paloma Cuevas wearing a Philip Treacy hat.Queen Maxima totally surrounded in hat.Chic in her hat.Her smile brings joy to my heart. Long live the Queen! Reception at Mansion HouseKateHM Queen Sirikit of Thailand

Now the Bazaar–Weird to me–share the weirdest hat you’ve ever seen? Share your weirdest, wackiest hat picture on our Facebook Page and win either one of these this free vintage Hat Pattern Books. the number of likes will decide the winner. Enjoy!


Free Hats Bags & Accessories

Free Hats Bags & Accessories

Hats and Bag Patterns

Hats and Bag Patterns


!!!????!!!!!  - Philip Treacy hatAlexander McQueen in Vogue <<  Very Edith Sitwell to mePhilip TreacyPhilip Treacy, Paris Haute Couture ShowPhilip TreacyTreacy!

Fascinator’s are all the rage and it seems like if you can think-it, dream-it or imagine it a topper it can be created. Checkout these wonders.

Hats at Royal AscotRoyal Ascot 2012 - Day 3Royal ascot hatRoyal AscotJasmine Guinness the sister of Daphne Guinness at Royal AscotHat by Bill CunninghamOriginal caption:1/11/52: High drama is achieved by Walter Florell in this rough grey straw with a soaring, cutaway brim. The white mesh veil is studded with red sequins.

Now lets look at some real vintage hats, head pieces and fascinators.

Photo: Horst P. Horst fro Harper's Bazaar, 1943.Pink chiffon lantern hat by Pierre Cardin 1962.William Klein, 1962.Chanel, Summer Straw Hat, 1960s.Flappers ~ 1920's1920.1920's Fashionable Hats from's19501950's.1970s Fashion, 1970s, fashion, womenswear, style. Loose floaty bohomenian clothing with organic, natural colours and flower patterns, again with statement peices

As you can see there are some styles that have re-invented throughout the decades and some you never see again.. But one thing for sure the hat is timeless no matter what country you live in or your age–take the plunge and enjoy the exotic, the chic and sexy, the mysterious and the funny–WEAR A HAT! Here’s some free vintage hat patterns sew, crochet, knit or craft and become your own style icon.

Attaché ImageMake your own pattern for this fabric hat - 1937The Midvale Cottage Post: Home Sewing Tips from the 1920s - Sewing a Chic Tu... Fedora Hat PatternHigh Hat pattern.hat Hats magazineMAKING A REPRODUCTION HAT FROM 1928      hatHome Sewings Tip from the 1920s - Sew Yourself a Felt Cloche . Home Sewing Tips from the 1920s - Make a Cloche from Ribbon

Here are a few more vintage Hat patterns for your enjoyment.

Crocheted Hat & Bag - free vintage pattern originally published in Today's Crochet Book, Book No. 115.

This is a free pattern for a beaded cloche hat.  The pattern for the matching bag is for sale, but I bet you could figure it out after making the hat.

Our Cloche hat crochet pattern from Smart Bags, originally published by Spool Cotton Co, Book No. 209, in 1944.

Vintage 40's Crochet hat - pattern.  Looove it.  I'm making this - wonder how it'll turn out.

This 1920s-inspired, knit hat pattern is perfect for any vintage lover.  It's easy to make, plus there are three ways to make it. 1921 Millinery Spring Summer Hats Picturesque Hats in Hand Crochet Free 60’s Vintage Millinery Hat Patterns



Congratulations Southfield High School Graduates 2014 | Free Vintage Knitting Patterns

Family Gatherings

I would like to give thanks for being able to come home and be apart of my granddaughter’s big day or shall I say a week.

My time at home with friends and family began with my oldest son’s birthday with his baby brother and his girl fixed a very large Seafood Boil of crab, scrimp, corn on the cob, red potatoes and sausage and the grill master fixin’s Salmon and Walleye for the fun of it.

The three brother’s, there’s a fourth he couldn’t make home this time–

kenny melvin anthony

Then came Memorial day everybody was there always good food, family and friends, spades and bid, plenty of trash talking and fun. I got to meet Alex’s parents and Anthony’s girl.  Too much fun to remember to take pictures. Bad bad girl (next time).

The man who started it all

Melvin Anthony Erick Kenny

Khayla’s Prom – Southfield High School 2014

was the primary reason for this trip her prom was last Tuesday–she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Khayla 2014

Khayla 2014


Mother and daughter

Daughter and Granddaughter

The carriage -- my favorite car

The carriage — my favorite car

Cadillac STS

I am so glad limousines are obsolete! I have three favorite cars, the Cadillac (this one), the Jaguar and the Ford Thunderbird (the collector’s edition)

Here’s the prom date.. Carlos is not only handsome, he’s smart and he has great manner’s which means his parents took care business.


Graduation Day 2014

The next big day was Graduation Day this past Sunday at Chene Park–we attended church in the morning and the ceremony started at 4, here’s a few highlights. By the way there were almost 300 young people graduating from just Southfield High School more boys than girls this year about 20 more Young African-American men!

IMG_0031 IMG_0029 10354164_864988486860929_4244029306129074349_n IMG_0024 (2)

Diploma in Hand

Diploma in Hand

Thank you for sharing my couple weeks with the family–Now I am waiting on Caleb to arrive–

School’s out for summer!

Free Vintage Knitting Patterns

This week I’ve put together a fine collection of free vintage knitting patterns–I sure hope that you will want to make  at least one of these beauties.

1940’s Knitted Cocktail Dress Pattern

40s vintage knitted cocktail dress

40’s Vintage Knitted Cocktail Dress

40’s Shirt Waist Knitted Blouse Pattern

1940s Shirtwaist Knitted Blouse Pattern

1940s Shirtwaist Knitted Blouse Pattern

Vintage Shirtwaist Dress Pattern

1950s Vintage Knit Dress Pattern

1950s Vintage Knit Dress Pattern

1960’s Chic Knit Tunic

1960s Vintage Knit Tunic Pattern

1960s Vintage Knit Tunic Pattern

Vintage Front Zip Cardigan Jacket Pattern

Luck Knitted Front Zip Cardigan Jacket pattern

Luck Knitted Front Zip Cardigan Jacket

1970’s Knitted Bride’s Coat

Knitted Brides Knitted Coat Pattern

Knitted Brides Knitted Coat Pattern

Girl’s Knit Party Dress

vintage Girls Knitted Dress

Girls Knitted Vintage Dress Pattern

Vintage Fichu Knitting Pattern – A triangular scarf of woven fabric, worn over the shoulders and crossed or tied in a loose knot at the front.

Knitted Fichu Pattern

Knitted Fichu Pattern

30’s Vintage Two Piece Tailleur with Vestee

Vintage Two Piece Tailleur Vestee Pattern

Two Piece Tailleur with Vestee Pattern

Vintage Ribbed & Smocked Knitted Dress Pattern

Vintage 50s  Ribbed Smocked  Knitted Dress Pattern

Vintage 50s Ribbed Smocked Knitted Dress Pattern

Stay tuned for other great knitting, crochet and needle-arts patterns.

By the way check out My Collections:

The Dazespast Style Library

Summer Chic

Evening Elegance

Irish Lace Crochet Patterns and Resources

A Bit About Irish Crochet Lace

What’s incredible about crochet’s ability to be manipulated into incredible laces using the same basic stitches organized in various combinations to make remarkable lace work.

My favorites are the crochet techniques called Irish and Hair Pin or Maltese Crochet. It is my understanding that Irish Crochet helped to save Ireland after the potato famine and was created by Mademoiselle Riego de la Blanchardiere who invented the now famous style. Her first book was published in 1846, a cottage industry of teaching the technique was born in Ireland.

Irish Crochet consists several distinct groups of Crochet techniques which features motifs joined by either filigree mesh or crocheted bars. Stylized motifs of flowers, leaves, shamrocks, and grapevines are arrayed in splendor.

For the crochet artist this free-form technique lends itself well to the creative free sprite or the one that loves a challenge.

Other distinctions include cord padding often incorporated into the motif and by carefully adjusting the tightness and the amount of stitches, the stems, leaves and flowers can be artfully manipulated to add motion to the pieces.

The mesh pattern is meant merely as a foundation and much is left to the imagination as in these examples from my Pinterest favorites.

Enjoy one of my favorites Irish Crochet websites:

If you enjoy working with symbols collecting the Russian and Japanese pattern books offer some modern examples of just how versatile the Irish Crochet laces truly are.

I’m going to share with you some patterns from my Russian and Japanese pattern books.

This is a beautiful White Irish Crochet Jacket with the motifs laid out over a Jacket pattern with loop and button front closure.

Irish Crochet Motif Patterns 1

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page One

Irish Crochet Motif Patterns 02

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page Two

Irish Crochet leaf Motif 3

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page Three

Irish Crochet Rosette Motif Pattern 4

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page Four

Irish Crochet Mesh Connection Mesh 5

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page Five

Connecting Motifs Irish Crochet

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page Six

Irish Crochet Motif Chart 7

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Page Seven

Motif Charts Irish crochet 8

White Irish Crochet Couture Jacket Eight

I realize that you might think that this Irish Crocheted Jacket is a huge project–but remember that Irish crochet is simply many pieces sewn or crocheted together to make a larger piece.

The next beautiful example is edging on a blouse made using both Burgess and Irish Crochet techniques.

Edging Motif Irish Crochet

Irish Crochet Edging

Irish Crochet Blouse Edging Pattern 2

Irish Crochet Blouse Edging 2

Irish Crochet Edging Motifs Symbols 3

Irish Crochet Edging 3

Here’s an example of a modern Irish Crochet interpretation Bluebells by Pam Beeching.

Bluebells by Pam Beeching, Irish crochet ... via Flickr

Her’s some other Russian Irish Crochet Motif examples.

爱尔兰花边图纸空心卷发 - 钩织乐趣 - 钩织乐趣的博客


Мотивы ирландского кружева (фантазийные мотивы). Много фото

Here’s a few other Irish Crochet pattern s for your crocheting pleasure.

Vintage Irish Crochet Top | Make Your Own

Irish Crochet Lace – A Guide for Beginners

Corticelli Lessons in Crochet




My Vintage Crochet Projects | Free Vintage Crochet Doily Patterns

My Vintage Crochet Projects

Last week I shared the sewing projects that I have on the table–this week it’s all about crochet. I’m working doilies and motifs mostly and I will share the patterns with you.
I love working on ruffled doily patterns mostly, I like the one’s with complex stitch patterns. The make the project challenging but the results are phenomenal.

I just finished the 1890’s Doily, from Old Time Crochet Autumn 1996. Originally published in “Miss Arnold’s Book of Crocheting, No 2, 1890”

Here’s my completed version.

My Version Vintage 1890s Doily Pattern

My Version Vintage 1890’s Doily Pattern

Center 1890 Doily remake

Center 1890 Doily

If you’d like to make the 1890’s Doily, here’s the free crochet pattern.

1890s doily page 1

An 1890’s Doily

1890s doily page 2

An 1890’s Doily Pattern Part 2

I finished this doily about a week ago, this doily is from Lily Mills, 1950, Book 1600. “Sheer Witchery”, it’s a doily luncheon set, I only wanted to make the large doily pattern.

Sheer Witchery Doily | Lily Mills 1950

Sheer Witchery Doily | Lily Mills 1950

Sheer Witchery Close-up Doily

Sheer Witchery Close-up Doily

If you’d like to make “Sheer Witchery” here’s the pattern.

doily liliy mills book 1600 1950 vintage crochet pattern

Sheer Witchery Luncheon Set Doily Free Pattern

Free Vintage Doily Pattern Sheer Witchery

Free Vintage Doily Pattern Sheer Witchery

Also in process is the “Blossom Ruffle Doily” by American Thread Company.

I’ve made this doily several times and gave one away and sold the other. Now I want to have one for myself. Blossom Ruffle is an easy doily to make but now with age and bad eyes working in dark colors is difficult at night because of the stitch pattern. here’s where I am at the moment.

Blossom ruffle

Now here’s the vintage pattern “Blossom Ruffle”.

ruffle doily pattern book 143 vintage blossom ruffle

Free Blossom Ruffle Doily Pattern

ruffle doily pattern vintage blossom ruffle

Blossom Ruffle Doily 2

My next vintage gem is Coral Reef from “Old and New Favorites”, the Spool Cotton Company, Book 269

Doily Project

Coral Reef Doily

Here’s the pattern if you’d like to make this odd ruffle doily.

Coral Reef Spool Cotton Book 269

Coral Reef Spool Cotton Book 269

vintage doily pattern coral reef

Coral Reef Doily 2

Another project is “Ruffles Run Riot” from Lily Mills, published originally in Book 1600 and then again in Book 209.

lily mills book 209 free vintage doily pattern

Ruffles Run Riot Free Doily Pattern 1

vintage ruffle doily pattern lily mills 1600

Ruffles Run Riot


My final contribution for today’s post is also from Lily Mills, Book 400 “Easy to Crochet Tablecloths Luncheon Sets and Runners”.

crochet shell motif medallion

The medallion design is called Shell Motif”, I have about 15 motifs made because the size 16 hook is almost like a needle if you tap your finger tip the wrong way. so it was slow going for a while. I solved that problem by using the old rubber finger tips you buy at the office supply store–they make great thimbles.

By the way enjoy the Garden Fern motif on the same page.


easytocrochettableclothslunchrunners lm 19


I want to share a the Popcorn & Pineapples Doily, from American Thread Company. Book 128. I made this doily sometime ago, actually its been about 12 years maybe a few more than that, this is by far my favorite small flat doily, the stitches come together to create a beautiful pattern.

Here’s my version.

Popcorn and Pineapple Doily

Popcorn and Pineapple Doily

If you’d like to make this pattern, here’s the instructions for the Pineapple and Popcorn Doily

vintage doily pattern american thread

Popcorn and Pineapple Doily Pattern

free vintage doily pattern popcorn pineapples

Popcorn and Pineapple Page 2

vintage doily pattern page 3

Popcorn and Pineapple Doily 3

As I was looking for this doily I came across some older work from some of these patterns, take a look.


Double Ruffle Doily | Spool cotton

Double Ruffle Doily | Spool cotton

Blossom Ruffle

Blossom Ruffle

Rice Stitch Doily

Rice Stitch Doily

Enjoy, your comments and thoughts are always welcomes, until next time.

Getting Ready for Summer | Are You Wearing Vintage?

After seeing a post on the Vintage Belle blog the other day and sharing that update and her inspiration–I decided that it was time for my pictures and time to share what I’ve been up to.

In the sewing realm I’ve completed in part several pieces that now need finishing touches.

Let’s start with this primitive over-blouse with the Hon Kong back finish and the vintage buttons I picked up a few years back when I bought out an old dry-goods store. The fabric was purchased back 2005 from a trip to South Africa. I lined the blouse with the same fabric as the back finish otherwise it would be uncomfortable to wear.

I’m not sure why I didn’t photograph the inside.

I think this is a great professional look.  I love the idea of an African designs made into classic business wear, this will look great over my black slack or straight shirts.

Burlap Over-Blouse Hon Kong Finish

Burlap Over-Blouse Hon Kong Finish


Next is a party dress for one of my granddaughter’s, it’s red with an ivory tucked sash that tie’s in a big bow in the back. I lined the dress with a full petticoat and under-slip. I still have to finish the lining, petticoat and under-slip. When completed it will have a lace trimmed neckline and her initials embroidered in the petticoat.

Red Party Dress

Red Party Dress


The next two dresses are ankle length. These ankle length dresses are on the rag here in the US but I found the commercial pieces were always made in some synthetic that was just too hot for summer. The fabric is vintage and they feel like a cotton blend or maybe even rayon. Here’s my solution. Each dress is ready to be hemmed and the last pressing.

Flower Length Big flower Dress

Flower Length Big flower Dress

Ankle Length Print

Ankle Length Print

What’s next on the sewing board is 7361 Simplicity–

First I am looking for either a paisley or lengthwise strip for this Pant Dress — I’m thinking about this fabric I found at Spoonflower I just can’t decide on which color–or if I want to compromise on the strip width. I do know that I want to ear this one to my granddaughter’s graduation. I have the perfect sandal.

Now I would love to have a bold strip or paisley like on the envelope but–I’m not sure if I can find it–your suggestions or idea would be appreciated

waterfall stripes in ocean blue
waterfall stripes in raspberry ice
waterfall stripes - mother of pearl

While I’m deciding on fabric for that pattern, I have decided what I want to sew with these vintage fabrics from my fabric stash.

Take a lot at the rest of my summer wardrobe.

Fabric from Haberman's Royal Oak, Mi

Fabric from Haberman’s Royal Oak, Mi

vintage jungle print

Vintage Jungle Print Fabric purchased at a flea market

Vintage Orange Swirl Print

Vintage Orange Swirl Print purchased on eBay


Vintage Red Fabric Purchased on eBay

Vintage Red Fabric Purchased on eBay

The question is will I finish all of these yes because my oldest granddaughter graduates from high school–her prom is the end of May and her graduation is the first week in June.

Today is May 1st–I better get to sewing.

Do you think I have a lot to sew watch for my next post mapping out my crochet project to be completed.

Here’s a couple new Free knitting patterns. Enjoy!

Knitting Pattern Ladies Jumper Suit | Free Vintage Frock

Vintage Crochet Knitting Patterns 70’s Halter | Free Sexy Halter Top Patterns to Knit or Crochet for the Summer

Are Hot Pants Stylish? | Crochet or Knit Your Favorite Hot Pants Styles with these free patterns

Free Vintage Crochet Pattern | Hiawatha Beaded Evening Bag | Patrician



Preparing for the Summer with a 60s Coat Dress

I simply adore this pattern–I too am working on a few retro summer outfits–I really do need to share. I also finished a bra and two ankle length dresses. I’m also working on a back button over-blouse in a primitive print and finished the back opening with the beautiful Hon Kong finish and now I need to complete my buttonholes. Watch for pictures to be added to this post. I love vintage! By the way your bound buttonholes are perfectly beautiful.

Vintage Belle

I’ve been working on a little project that I suddenly decided to make yesterday afternoon.  I’ve had the fabric in one of my stash boxes for a while, and had always intended it to be a summer coat of some sort, but never found the right pattern.  It’s a jungle-leaf print stretch cotton twill, medium weight.   I’d been browsing through my box of 60s patterns when one stood out – and I remembered this fabric.  I had just enough too, it was definitely time to get this stuff cut!

The pattern is McCalls 9604 from 1968, a coat and dress in two lengths.  I love the neru collar and the curved French dart.  The back has a shaped central seam & darts to help shape & fit.  The overall shape & length of the coat is still quite modern, so I can’t wait to see it done!  It’s not…

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