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Free Vintage Crochet Patterns 1940’s Hats Bags Muffs Week 22

Free Vintage Crochet Patterns 1940’s Hats Bags Muffs Week 22 You can find the entire Designer Sweaters by Reynolds Continental Collection on blog.vintagepatternsdazespast.com. Remember my blog has moved to; http://blog.vintagepatternsdazespast.com/ Be sure to bookmark the new site above. Thanks, Ruby check … Continue reading

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The Sixth Day of Christmas |6 Ulmann Pictureesque Hats Free Hand Crochet Patterns

Day Six of Twelve – Vintage Patterns | Picturesque Hats | Free Crochet Hat Patterns

Merry Christmas | Happy Holiday‘s to Everyone,

I would like to thank all of our followers by introducing our Twelve Days of Christmas Free Vintage Pattern Give-Away.

These patterns will be available in our Twelve Days of Christmas Photo Album.

Here you’ll find a picture preview of the books we’ll share during this 12 day period.

Vintage Bernhard Ulmann

Persian Lamb Fez

Sophisticated Breton

Smart Scotch Cap

Snooded Brim Sailor

Perky Snood

Draped Crocheted Turban

Snooded Pill Box

Twisted Braid Hat

Wrap A Round Turban

Hat and Muff Set


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4 Munrospun British Knitting Pattern Book

5 Augusta Crocheted Yokes Pfeuffer

On the Fourth Day of Christmas | Valued Customers Received 4 Munrospun Vintage Knitting Book Free

4 Munrospun Knitting Pattern Book Featuring 40’s British Fashions

Merry Christmas from my family to yours…

Enjoy this Vintage British Classic filled with Hat patterns, Suits, Jumpers in Larger Sizes,

evening Blouse patterns and Cardigans.


English: Munrospun factory, Restalrig The form...

English: Munrospun factory, Restalrig The former knitwear factory was converted into modern flats after its closure in the 1970s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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On The Third Day Of Christmas Enjoy This Wonderful 1940’s Book Of Vintage Gorgeous Patterns

Here’s a pattern list of what Modern Knitting Third Edition offers;


Ribbon Dress | Glamour in Ribbon and Wool

Striped Pullover

Surplice Sweater

Sun Back Ribbon Dress

Polka Dot Dress

Cotton Blouse



Sweater with Metallic Trim



Basque Shirt

Ribbon Blouse

Knitted Smocked Cardigan Pattern

Torso Sweater

Chinese Modern blouse Pattern

Moonbeam Dress

Cotton Pullover

Checked Pullover

Boxy Jacket

Embroidered Blouse

Striped Sweater

Two Piece Suit

Two Piece Dress with Striped Sleeves

Bathing Suit


Hat and Bag

Open Crown hat

Shoulder Bag

Crocheted Halter

Beach Bag

Ribbon Bag

Necklace and Belt


Brim Hat

Beaded Hat

Embroidered Hat

Knitted or Crocheted Slippers

Beaded Bag

Striped Beach Bag



Cable Pullover

Sleeveless Sweater



Cardigan and Play-suit

Sun Suit

Girl’s Knitted Cardigan and Skirt Pattern “Cute”

Two Dresses for Tiny Tots

Embroidered Slip-on

Sacque and Bonnet with Rose Trimming

Rosebud Set


Pullover and Cardigan

Bathing Trunks


Little Boys Slip-over

Ruffled Sun-suit


Straw Place Mats

Luncheon Set


Remember the Minerva Pattern Give-Away

Want to preview the Twelve Days of Christmas upcoming vintage pattern book shares for the next few days?

FREE Vintage 1940s Sewing Patterns | German Die Alma Mode Winter 1947 | 1948

Enjoy these three lovely vintage 40’s Dress patterns

This type of system is similar Lutterloh and other systems and one of the easiest for pattern making in my opinion. All you have to do is click on the link and print out the pieces and follow the directions–be sure that you are working with a metric tape measure and the correct rulers.

I plan to add a list of supplies–just though about..stay tuned..

Free Vintage Beaded Crochet Pattern Preview

Rare Vintage Wonoco Beaded Crochet Bag Pattern book is being edited now. Coming Soon!

Don’t forget to download the new Dazespast app. We hope this app will become a handy tool when you’re out shopping for thread or yarns supplies making the eBook material’s list available to you.