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Dazespast wants to be known as your Premier Antique & Vintage , Knitting, Crochet sewing and needle-craft pattern and supply destination.

By offering great customer service and a superior product, I want to be your favorite vintage pattern store on the web.

You’ll find hundreds of Original Antique Vintage and Retro Knitting Crochet Sewing and Needle-craft patterns.

Dazespast has the largest knitting and crochet collection on the Internet.

Looking for patterns by publisher such as Columbia, Minerva, Royal Society Spool Cotton, Morell, Spinnerin, Bear or Peter Pan and many other are more difficult to finds as Morell, Cinderella and Monarch to name just a few.

As always Dazespast will continue to honor single pattern (expired copyright only) request via at no charge.

All merchandise at Dazespast is available for free gift wrapping…Remember all domestic orders over $50.00 receives free economy shipping, International customer you’ll receive 1/2 your First Class International shipping

We add new merchandise almost everyday and we can help you find that one of a kind collectible, no longer printed pattern! A call or an email will start the process.

Send Your Inquiry to: eBay ID: mooreruby817, or email us at

Shop PDF Vintage Patterns Dazespast

Dazespast is making available our vast digital library of Antique and Vintage Needlework Patterns and Books as e-books and patterns (PDF) available for a reasonable price for instant download and lots of free vintage patterns to.

I started collecting vintage books back in the mid 90’s because when I wanted to make Crocheted Ruffled Doilies for my home and could find any at second-hand stores, fleas and the like. So I decided to check out the internet, the 1st pattern I found was on the site I think when it was actually called something else but I found Spool Cotton’s Double Ruffle Doily. That doily starches-up beautifully. You’ll see pictures of my work soon.

Here at Vintage Patterns Dazespast we’ve painfully re-mastered hundreds knitting and crochet patterns by creating PDF eBooks for immediate download. What are the advantages of a digitally re-mastered eBook, your book will look just like the original.

We want to give our customers choices such as being able to receive your book if you like by CD-ROM or DVD, the next phase the member’s only section launching in September, this means that you can buy a membership and download just the one pattern needed to take care of your immediate need and come and download anytime you’re ready for a project. your wish list will be saving no need to search all over gain. You’ll find exquisite vintage reproductions from theses Publishers;

• Spool Cottons

• Lily Mills

• American Thread

• Peter Pan

• Spinnerin

• Columbia Minerva

• Bear Brand

• Fleisher

• Botany

The books on this list are becoming hard to find in usable condition, it is so important to preserve the needle arts future generations. Dazes-past is opening our vast library of antique and Vintage Needle Arts collections as e-books (PDF) available for reasonable price via email.

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