Vintage Knitting Crochet Pattern Book Bundle Giveaway 2015

Vintage Knitting Crochet Pattern Book Bundle Giveaway 2015

Holiday PDF Vintage Pattern Book Bundle Giveaway 2015 NOW OPEN Remember the blog has moved to Winners receive a six-pattern book bundle. Join the holiday PDF vintage pattern book bundle giveaway 2015 is open to everyone around the world, … Continue reading

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Congratulations Southfield High School Graduates 2014 | Free Vintage Knitting Patterns

Family Gatherings

I would like to give thanks for being able to come home and be apart of my granddaughter’s big day or shall I say a week.

My time at home with friends and family began with my oldest son’s birthday with his baby brother and his girl fixed a very large Seafood Boil of crab, scrimp, corn on the cob, red potatoes and sausage and the grill master fixin’s Salmon and Walleye for the fun of it.

The three brother’s, there’s a fourth he couldn’t make home this time–

kenny melvin anthony

Then came Memorial day everybody was there always good food, family and friends, spades and bid, plenty of trash talking and fun. I got to meet Alex’s parents and Anthony’s girl.  Too much fun to remember to take pictures. Bad bad girl (next time).

The man who started it all

Melvin Anthony Erick Kenny

Khayla’s Prom – Southfield High School 2014

was the primary reason for this trip her prom was last Tuesday–she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Khayla 2014

Khayla 2014


Mother and daughter

Daughter and Granddaughter

The carriage -- my favorite car

The carriage — my favorite car

Cadillac STS

I am so glad limousines are obsolete! I have three favorite cars, the Cadillac (this one), the Jaguar and the Ford Thunderbird (the collector’s edition)

Here’s the prom date.. Carlos is not only handsome, he’s smart and he has great manner’s which means his parents took care business.


Graduation Day 2014

The next big day was Graduation Day this past Sunday at Chene Park–we attended church in the morning and the ceremony started at 4, here’s a few highlights. By the way there were almost 300 young people graduating from just Southfield High School more boys than girls this year about 20 more Young African-American men!

IMG_0031 IMG_0029 10354164_864988486860929_4244029306129074349_n IMG_0024 (2)

Diploma in Hand

Diploma in Hand

Thank you for sharing my couple weeks with the family–Now I am waiting on Caleb to arrive–

School’s out for summer!

Free Vintage Knitting Patterns

This week I’ve put together a fine collection of free vintage knitting patterns–I sure hope that you will want to make  at least one of these beauties.

1940’s Knitted Cocktail Dress Pattern

40s vintage knitted cocktail dress

40’s Vintage Knitted Cocktail Dress

40’s Shirt Waist Knitted Blouse Pattern

1940s Shirtwaist Knitted Blouse Pattern

1940s Shirtwaist Knitted Blouse Pattern

Vintage Shirtwaist Dress Pattern

1950s Vintage Knit Dress Pattern

1950s Vintage Knit Dress Pattern

1960’s Chic Knit Tunic

1960s Vintage Knit Tunic Pattern

1960s Vintage Knit Tunic Pattern

Vintage Front Zip Cardigan Jacket Pattern

Luck Knitted Front Zip Cardigan Jacket pattern

Luck Knitted Front Zip Cardigan Jacket

1970’s Knitted Bride’s Coat

Knitted Brides Knitted Coat Pattern

Knitted Brides Knitted Coat Pattern

Girl’s Knit Party Dress

vintage Girls Knitted Dress

Girls Knitted Vintage Dress Pattern

Vintage Fichu Knitting Pattern – A triangular scarf of woven fabric, worn over the shoulders and crossed or tied in a loose knot at the front.

Knitted Fichu Pattern

Knitted Fichu Pattern

30’s Vintage Two Piece Tailleur with Vestee

Vintage Two Piece Tailleur Vestee Pattern

Two Piece Tailleur with Vestee Pattern

Vintage Ribbed & Smocked Knitted Dress Pattern

Vintage 50s  Ribbed Smocked  Knitted Dress Pattern

Vintage 50s Ribbed Smocked Knitted Dress Pattern

Stay tuned for other great knitting, crochet and needle-arts patterns.

By the way check out My Collections:

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Spadea’s Collection of Designer Sewing Tips Vintage 1960s | Joset Walker | Shannon Rodgers | Jerry Silverman

Designer Biographies

Designer Bio Shannon Roger | Joset Walker

Bio Shannon Roger | Joset Walker

Shannon Rodger and his partner Jerry Silverman have joined together to and became one of the raging successes of the American fashion industry in the 1960’s. Their showroom was a constant whirlwind of activity as buyers eagerly sought to make their purchases. They truly snared the fancy of the astute young moderns who recognized good design and good quality at prices they could afford.

Joset Walker is one of America’s outstanding designers of sportswear. her French origin makes her a stickler for fine tailoring as well as for chic. Here in this book she shares some of her sewing knowledge to help women become more efficient in their ventures. Here a Flicker page with lots of beautiful images of Joset’s designs.

Here’s couple of her sportswear designs.

Dorian Leigh in Swimwear by Joset WalkerJoset Walker Design

A collection of Sewing Tips Sapdea09072013_00005 - Copy

Jacques Tiffeau was the first American designer to raise hemlines to mini length.   Tiffeau and Busch are a team of high style fashion designers who have reached the top at a very young age. with their youth they have pioneered many new sewing gadgets and techniques. In this book you’ll discovery some of the innovations.

Here’s a great biography for Tiffeau you might enjoy and a few images.

Vincent Monte Sano and Pruzan top names in the American coat and suit market are known for their superb soft tailoring, styling and exclusive imported fabrics. their clothes are in the luxury class with prices at the time starting at $300 retail. In this publication they reveal custom tailoring secrets so women who sew could have greater success.

Jo Copeland and Anthony Blotta

Jo Copeland and Anthony Blotta

Jo Copeland one of America’s top names in high fashion she has been the darling of the chic women of Park and Fifth Avenues, who love feminine clothes. Here in this book she shares some of her sewing secrets so that women who make their own clothes could become better dresses than ever. Here’s more about Jo and her rise through the ranks of Fashion Design. Here’s a link over to a wonderful Pinterest page for Jo Copeland. I just love this Copeland Dress.

There no much information out there about Anthony Blotta the Vintage Pattern Wiki was a good source. Anthony Blotta is a master Tailor in the true sense of the word. His exquisitely constructed, hand finished clothes reflect his exacting standards. They are created for women who recognize and can afford the best. Here, he shares his couture know how.

Blotta began his fashion house in 1919, he became known for his work in wool, especially his suits and coats, and evening wear. He worked within the silhouettes of current fashion, but often with a softer edge. Blotta remained in business into the 1960’s. As I stated there’s not Anthony his work but here’a a link to a Gallery of Anthony Blotta’s work. By chance, if you know about more information, please share the link.

Biki of Milan | Irene Gilbert

Biki of Milan | Irene Gilbert

Puccini and Elvira became grandparents when Fosca and Salvatore Leonardi had their first child, Franca. In 1905 a second daughter followed. she was called “Little Elvira” and was the baby Puccini adored. when she grew up, Little Elvira Leonardi became the famous Milanese fashion designer “Biki of Milan”,  who reigned supreme in her atelier and whose clients included Milanese noblewomen, film stars, Maria Callas, and Toscanini’s daughters and granddaughters. If you’d like to read more about Biki check out this free book on Google Books.

Our Next Post will begin With exploring methods used by designers to mark fabric..Until next time.

Irene Gilbert of Dublin is the leading Irish couture designer of her era. Despite the competition from Paris and Italy her pattern designs have outsold others for amny seasons. this is a reflection of her creative ability. Her styling and workmanship are superb. Checkout this wonderful Irish Photo gallery.

Bill Blass | David Goodstein

Bill Blass | David Goodstein

Bill Blass. award winner for his septacularly chic and femininr clothes is now a seasoned star in the fashion designing world. He is one of the new group of American designers to emerge. he combines the traditional and the novel to create some of the greatest American clothes. Blass began his New York fashion career in 1945. He was a protégé of Baron de Gunzburg In 1970, after two decades of success in menswear and womenswear, he bought Maurice Rentner Ltd., which he had joined in 1959, and renamed it Bill Blass Limited. Over the next 30 years he expanded his line to include swimwear, furs, luggage, perfume, and chocolate. By 1998, his company had grown to a $700-million-a-year business.

David Goodstein was the king in the realm of casual sportswear as written by the St. Petersburg Times, a title he held through many successful seasons through many years The pattern shown in the St. Petersburg Times, May 23, 1954 is one of the powers behind his throne for it  has everything a casual ensemble should have, charm. detail, enhancing silhouette and a special air of its own.

Free Vintage Pattern for the Week | Lily Mills Knit and Crochet Fashion Patterns

  • Knitted Slip-On – Every high neck Sweater should have its tie. This one is the same web stitch as the Slip-On.
  • Crocheted Blouse – Smart neck arrangement unusual stitches and colors from the palette of old masters out together bring a Blouse of tremendous interest.
  • White Knitted Swing Coat
  • Tyrolean Beach Cropped Jacket and Hat
  • One Piece Crocheted Dress
  • One Piece Sun Back (halter) Dress
  • Two Piece Crocheted Suit
  • Two Piece Suit and Scarf
  • Knitted Sailor Suit
  • Plaid Shirt Waist Dress
  • Two Piece Boucle
  • Knitted Blouse Patterns
  • Cotton Three Piece Suit

FREE Vintage 1940s Sewing Patterns | German Die Alma Mode Winter 1947 | 1948

Enjoy these three lovely vintage 40’s Dress patterns

This type of system is similar Lutterloh and other systems and one of the easiest for pattern making in my opinion. All you have to do is click on the link and print out the pieces and follow the directions–be sure that you are working with a metric tape measure and the correct rulers.

I plan to add a list of supplies–just though about..stay tuned..