On The Third Day Of Christmas Enjoy This Wonderful 1940’s Book Of Vintage Gorgeous Patterns

Here’s a pattern list of what Modern Knitting Third Edition offers;


Ribbon Dress | Glamour in Ribbon and Wool

Striped Pullover

Surplice Sweater

Sun Back Ribbon Dress

Polka Dot Dress

Cotton Blouse



Sweater with Metallic Trim



Basque Shirt

Ribbon Blouse

Knitted Smocked Cardigan Pattern

Torso Sweater

Chinese Modern blouse Pattern

Moonbeam Dress

Cotton Pullover

Checked Pullover

Boxy Jacket

Embroidered Blouse

Striped Sweater

Two Piece Suit

Two Piece Dress with Striped Sleeves

Bathing Suit


Hat and Bag

Open Crown hat

Shoulder Bag

Crocheted Halter

Beach Bag

Ribbon Bag

Necklace and Belt


Brim Hat

Beaded Hat

Embroidered Hat

Knitted or Crocheted Slippers

Beaded Bag

Striped Beach Bag



Cable Pullover

Sleeveless Sweater



Cardigan and Play-suit

Sun Suit

Girl’s Knitted Cardigan and Skirt Pattern “Cute”

Two Dresses for Tiny Tots

Embroidered Slip-on

Sacque and Bonnet with Rose Trimming

Rosebud Set


Pullover and Cardigan

Bathing Trunks


Little Boys Slip-over

Ruffled Sun-suit


Straw Place Mats

Luncheon Set


Remember the Minerva Pattern Give-Away

Want to preview the Twelve Days of Christmas upcoming vintage pattern book shares for the next few days?

Free Vintage Pattern for the Week | Lily Mills Knit and Crochet Fashion Patterns

  • Knitted Slip-On – Every high neck Sweater should have its tie. This one is the same web stitch as the Slip-On.
  • Crocheted Blouse – Smart neck arrangement unusual stitches and colors from the palette of old masters out together bring a Blouse of tremendous interest.
  • White Knitted Swing Coat
  • Tyrolean Beach Cropped Jacket and Hat
  • One Piece Crocheted Dress
  • One Piece Sun Back (halter) Dress
  • Two Piece Crocheted Suit
  • Two Piece Suit and Scarf
  • Knitted Sailor Suit
  • Plaid Shirt Waist Dress
  • Two Piece Boucle
  • Knitted Blouse Patterns
  • Cotton Three Piece Suit

Couture Sewing Techniques | The Art of Sewing Part 1

Discovering Couture Sewing Techniques

It’s been two weeks since my last blog post, during that time away my hard drive failed and I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write about–primarily because I am worried about my data being lost. I didn’t want to just list patterns with “press this”, that’s not interesting and it wouldn’t give you my readers a reason to check in..

I decided on combining two of my passions, the first being my love of dramatic detail on relatively simple pieces as shown in this post titled Vintage Sewing Pattern Fashion Trim Detail a few weeks back with my passion for fine sewing techniques.

The art of couture sewing is slow sewing–these are not quick or simple but they are works of art if executed properly.

Since I really needed to replace my sewing bookmarks, I decided to share the websites and resources that I found interesting.

First I would like to recommend the  www.vpl.orgVintage Pattern Lending Library, it’s well worth the membership. It is a great source for vintage patterns reproductions from the 1860s through the 1950s. If you venture into the world of period reenactment and costuming, it’s also a fine place to checkout.

NextA French needlepoint lace with a floral design. here’s  Alencon Lace Sample a few of my favorite sewing related websites; Sew Country Chick, and her tutorial on “Making Alencon Lace Seams

Sewaholic is next on the list, I especially like her Sewtionary, Couture Bound Buttonhole I think that’s a new word, this page is a visual encyclopedia or dictionary of hand sewing techniques. Here’s a tutorial on making Bound Buttonholes. In her post ‘A little vacation reading: Couture Sewing Techniques”, her definition of couture sewing is spot on.

Welt Pocket

Welt Pocket

Are you intimidated by Welt Pockets,  here’s a crash course with step-by-step images to guide you through the process. LLadybird took plenty of pictures and provides a really good step by step–remember measure, mark and cut only after measuring and marking once again.

There are many other techniques that include hand stitching, quilting, lining, underlining, rolled lapels and much more, so I will end part one of this series with links to what I think is a great blog for advanced sewing tutorials.

Checkout Frabjous Couture, the tutorial is for a Boucle Chanel Jacket with a silk charmeuse lining quilted to support the shape of the jacket because boucle has a tendency to stretch our of shape and you end-up with the lining hanging below the hemlines. This is a three-part tutorial.

Part 1: Boucle Charmeuse and Quiltiing a la Chanel

Part 2: Boucle Charmeuse and Quiltiing a la Chanel

Part 3: Boucle Charmeuse and Quiltiing a la Chanel

Inside the Chanel Jacket

Inside the Chanel Jacket

“Inside the Chanel Jacket”, first appeared in Threads magazine in the October/November issue 2005, number 121, pp. 34-40.

Tell me what are your most challenging sewing technique? Part 2 will cover hand sewing techniques.