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Free Vintage Maltese Lace Crochet Patterns

Free Vintage Maltese Lace Crochet Patterns

Pattern List

  1. Lattice Lace | Old Lace Cable Luncheon Sets
  2. Lace Ruffle Doily Set
  3. Lace Scallops Doilies
  4. Bridal Lace Set
  5. Wicker Lace Beverage Set
  6. Lacy Swan Coaster Set
  7. Lace Circles bedspread motif
  8. Lace Blossoms Scarf Motif Pattern
  9. Heritage Lace Tablecloth Motif
  10. Shell Lace Chair Set | Handkerchief
  11. Petite Lace Flowers Edgings
  12. Daffodils Handkerchief
  13. Wheels Handkerchief
  14. Lace Edge Bath Towel
  15. Modern Lace Cottage Curtains
  16. Parisian Lace Café Curtains Pattern

You can find all the patterns to this lovely book here, enjoy these 12 Hairpin Lace Crochet Patterns

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Be sure to look for the free Hairpin Lace patterns on the blog!

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